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Lifetime Structural Guarantee

Previan Property Group is known for its high quality of projects by Innovative Technology. For that reason we provide Lifetime Structural Guarantee on all our projects because we believe in our work and the quality of our projects.


This guarantee is additional from other guarantees such as home warranty insurance and statutory insurance subject to terms below:

Lifetime Structural Guarantee applies to owners that are under the building contract only and is not transferable to following owners of the house. 

Structural Guarantee cover:

If there is any faults in any of the following, Previan Property Group will be responsible to rectify;

- if there is any faults with the concrete and/or strip footing. As according to Building Code of Australia, and relevant Australian Standard AS 2870, Appendix B. 

-  The failure to be classified as ' Category 3' or higher as per AS 2870.

- Structural framing and steel in walls or roof as per Building Code of Australia ( NCC) and AS 1684.

- Load bearing brickwork as per Building code of Australia and AS 4773.

Australian standards can be accessed via www.saiglobal.com.au

Client's responsibility:

The client is responsible to maintain the house per the Building contract and other documents provided such as Homeowner's Guide.

Exclusions from the Guarantee:

- Not complied with the instructions given in the Homeowner's Guide, not establishing appropriate landscaping        and drainage and maintaining the termite prevention treatment program.

- Damage affected by Storms, Fire, flooding, Draught or Earthquake

- Damage affected by Trees growing near the footing 

- Damage affected by Termites

- Minor cracking as per AS2870 Appendix B

- Fair wear and tear

- Misuse or Neglect

- If build other new structures, removal of existing structure or any renovation including swimming pool and major    landscaping after completion of the house.

Methods of making the claim for Structural Guarantee

The claim can be made via email or post to our office.

Once we receive the claim:

1.  We will inspect the property and determine whether there is any structural failure that meets with the Structural Guarantee requirements.

2. We will notify you in writing on the next step to rectify the structural failure within a reasonable period of time if it meets with the Structural Guarantee requirements or if it does not meet with the Guarantee requirements, then you ( Client) will be given reason that does not comply with the structural guarantee requirements if it meets of the exclusions of the Guarantee. If materials that caused failure can be repaired we will repair it, or otherwise if it cannot be repaired then we will replace it to fix the structural failure.

Previan Property Group reserves the right to amend these Terms and conditions including the information contained in this website without notice at any time.